Ringneck Festival & Bird Dog Challenge



2022 Ringneck Festival & Bird Dog Challenge

Ring Necked FestivalNovember 3-5, 2022, will mark the 25th year of the Huron Ringneck Festival competition and the 20th year for the Bird Dog Challenge. Thirty teams with participants from as far away as Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska compete in the event. Mark your calendars as you won't want to miss out on the 25th Annual Huron Ringneck Festival, November 3-5, 2022.



You will find more information below on the Ringneck Festival and Bird Dog Challenge along with rules and applications that you can download. Only 30 teams will be accepted for the competition hunt and 40 for the Bird Dog Challenge so be sure to get your application in by the August 30, 2022 deadline.


Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau
(605) 352-0000

Ringneck Festival Competitive Hunt

The Ringneck Festival competitive hunt consists of six-member teams, each attempting to bring back 18 pheasants. Each member is allowed four shells, for a team limit of 24. Limiting the number of shells helps ensure that hunters will take clean shots, reducing the number of injured birds.

The entry fee is $1,800 per team ($300 per hunter) which includes meals, hunts, live entertainment, and prizes. The winning team members and hosting landowner each receive a shotgun.

2022 Ringneck Festival Rules & Application 

Bird Dog Challenge

The Huron Ringneck Festival Bird Dog Challenge is an exhibition that tests the skills of dogs and hunters. The event is scheduled for November 3-4, 2022 and kicks off the Ringneck Festival weekend.

Each competition allows for two hunters and one dog to take the field. Each hunter is limited to five shells and has 20 minutes to harvest birds.

Points are awarded to each team based on birds harvested, full retrieves, partial retrieves, and normal retrieves, shots not taken, and every second remaining on the clock. A maximum of 40 teams is allowed to participate in the event, with a registration fee of $175 per team. Cash prizes are awarded to first through fifth place teams.

2022 Bird Dog Challenge Rules & Application 


Ringneck Festival Committee  Volunteer Scholarship

The Ringneck Festival Committee of the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau has established a scholarship for college-aged family members of volunteers or landowners of the previous year’s festival. Money for the scholarship fund was raised at the 2019 awards banquet from the competing teams as a thank you to the community and volunteers for hosting the event.

The committee is currently looking for applicants for their scholarship program.  Up to $3,000 in scholarships will be available to any student that is currently a student seeking a technical, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. The student must also have a direct family member that was involved in the 2019 Ringneck Festival as either a volunteer for the birddog challenge, Ringneck festival competition hunt or as a landowner.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, applications can be picked up at the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau office at 1725 Dakota Avenue South in Huron or are online at www.huronsd.com.  Applications need to be returned to the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau by April 19.

Click here for the Scholarship Application.

If you have any questions, contact the Chamber Office at 605-352-0000.

Want to be eligible next year? For more information on volunteering for the Ringneck Festival or competing in the hunt, call Laura at 605-352-0000. The 2022 Ringneck Festival and Birddog Challenge from November 3-4, 2022.

The RLB’s Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame was established in 2009 to honor participants for years spent in the festival and showing extraordinary enthusiasm during and outside of the event.RLB's Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame

This honorary award was set up to recognize participants of the festival who have given tremendously through event history whether it is financially, spiritually, or any other worthy form. Nominee’s characteristics show a tremendous passion for the Ringneck Festival, hunting, and outdoors in general. Nominees exhibit support of the event, from participating, recruiting and genuinely enjoying the event overall. The Ringneck Festival Hall of Fame will carry on the spirit of this event for years to come with each individual being recognized for their assistance in making the Ringneck Festival what it is today and what it will be for years to come. Click below for nomination form.

RLB's ringneck Festival hall of fame nomination form

Past Inductees Include:

2009-Dr. E.W. Carr of Miller, SD - Landowner

2009-Rich Langbehn of Wolsey, SD. - Landowner

2009-Roger Bultman of Jackson, MN, - Team Member/Supporter

2009-Jack Link of Minong, WI - Team Member/Sponsor

2010-Questionable Characters – Team

2010-Bob Strassman-Team Member

2011-Tom "TG" Westphal-Scorekeeper

2012- Danny Hofer of Huron-Landowner

2012- Kent Shelton - Committee Chairman and Team Member

2013-Tim Kasinger - Team Member/Sponsor/Supporter

2014-Steve Besch - Committee Member

2015- Peggy Woolridge Besch - Committee Member and Team Cuttem' - Team

2016- Joel Horn - Scorekeeper and Hawkeye Hunters - Team

2017-DJ, Chisum, & Payton Hofer - Landowners

2017-Greg & Bobbie Ward - Landowners

2017-John Farrell - Scorekeeper

2018 - JJ & Kelly Burke - Landowners

2018 - Ben Meyer - Auctioneer

2019 - Ernest Baruth & Sons - Landowners

2019 - Prostrollo Motor Sales - Sponsor/Supporter

2021 - Mike Carroll - Scorekeeper

2021 - Jim Hein - Scorekeeper

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