Huron, SD, USA

Ringneck Festival Committee Volunteer Scholarship

The Ringneck Festival Committee of the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau has established a scholarship for collegebound family members of volunteers or landowners of the previous year’s festival. Money for the scholarship fund is raised each year at the awards banquet from the competing teams as a thank you to the community and volunteers for hosting the event.

The committee is currently looking for applicants for their scholarship program. Up to $3,000 in scholarships will be available to any student that is currently a student seeking a technical, associates, or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. The student must also have a direct family member that was involved in the previous years Ringneck Festival as either a volunteer for the Bird Dog Challenge, Ringneck Festival Competition Hunt or as a landowner.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, applications can be picked up at the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau office at 1725 Dakota Avenue South in Huron or are online at Applications need to be returned to the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau by April 19.

Click here for the Scholarship Application.

If you have any questions, contact the Chamber Office at 605-352-0000.

Want to be eligible next year? For more information on volunteering for the Ringneck Festival or competing in the hunt, call Laura at 605-352-0000. The 2022 Ringneck Festival and Bird Dog Challenge will be held November 3-5, 2022.

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