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The Huron Parks & Recreation Department manages and maintains the city’s park areas. Picnic shelters at Memorial, Ravine, and Riverside Parks are available for family reunions and other events. The island at Ravine Lake has a gazebo and is available for weddings and special occasions.

For reservations and further details please call (605) 353-8533.

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Map of Parks & Walking Trails


Campbell Park

This is a photo of Campbell Park

Campbell Park is a 3.53 acre park located at 25 7th Street SW. This is one of the original and oldest downtown parks that Huron has. This park contains Linden, Soft Maple and some choice Evergreens, several flower beds and a large variety of shrubs. The park contains a bandshell equipped with lights which are primarily for summer activities, including Thursday Family Night in the park and home to the Huron Farmer's Market.

Crown Park

Crown Park consists of 1.5 acres and is located at 557 5th Street NE, along Ravine Lake. This park was donated to the Parks Department by the Crown family. The park contains one picnic shelter, 6 picnic tables, a combination swing set and a handicap accessible fishing node.

Gibbs Park

Gibbs Park, located at 3030 Lincoln Avenue SW, contains 160 acres for possible future development by the Parks and Recreation Department. The Grand Slam Archery Club is currently using part of the area for a practice range and to host contest shoots.

James River Fishing Access Area

This area, located at 151 Riverside Avenue NE, was developed as a community effort to improve fishing access and maintenance of the area along the James River. Benches, signs and trash receptacles were placed as part of this project. Dredging was done to improve water depth for the fishing. Anglers can fish from shore or launch a boat at the ramp. Fishermen have caught many species of fish including the popular walleye, catfish, northern pike, crappie.

Memorial Park

This is a photo of playground equipment at Memorial PlayMemorial Park consists of 61.61 acres and is located at 10 Jersey Avenue NE. This area was purchased on a mortgage in 1938 primarily for the purpose of water rights for the City of Huron. The City Commission then turned this acreage over to the Parks Department for park development. Much planting and effort went into this area up to this date. Twenty-five thousand cubic yards of soil were used to construct the dike which is 3,300 feet long. This area contains 2 20’x 40’ picnic shelters, waist-high picnic grills, playground equipment, 2-chain link baseball backstops, 8 sets of horseshoe courts completely fenced with chain link and lighted and metered for night play, and there is good all-weather blacktop road running the full length of the park. A paved walking trail surrounds the park and campground area. Approximate trail length is 6400 ft / 1.21 mile. 

Disc Golf Course

The Disc Golf Course at Memorial Park has been in existence for nearly 20 years and was upgraded in 2013 to include cement tee pads to allow for a more playable 9-hole course. The disc golf standards or holes were moved to be more in line with a 200-300 foot par 3 hole course. Tee marker posts are planned to be added to bring the course up to recreational, league, and tournament play status. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (605) 353-8533 for more information.

Walking Trails

Memorial Park

(1.2 miles)
All are welcome to use this 1.2 mile concrete trail, which follows along the James River on the edge of Memorial Park.

Ravine Lake Park

(5,595’ or 1.1 mile)
The Ravine Lake Trail adds a great opportunity to the total trail system in Huron.  The Ravine Lake Park is experiencing many positive changes in appearance and usage.  A community wide effort has been involved in this project.  A trail connection to Riverside Park has been added along Jersey Avenue.

Ideas and donations are welcomed to allow the best use of the area. 

Riverside Park

(Approx. .25 mile)
This trail is also concrete and follows along the James River.

Southwest Huron

(Approx 2.5 miles)
Starting at Pepsi Soccer Complex to Walmart along Lincoln Avenue, 15th and Arizona, 21st & Dakota Avenue SW.

The concrete trail provides walking and biking access to many businesses and services.  The total trail length is approximately 5 miles, which will hopefully become a part of the city-wide trail system.  A master plan for the route will be proposed this year.

Prospect Park

This is a photo of Rocket Slide located at Prospect ParkProspect Park consists of 15 acres and is located 1675 Idaho Avenue SE. This area is not all owned by the City of Huron. Performance Radio with its present radio tower still owns a portion of land in the southeast corner of this tract. Honey Locust, Soft Maple, and Austrian Pine are planted in the Park. This area contains one picnic shelter with electricity (capacity 150), newly constructed playground equipment, 24 picnic tables, Astro City, 2 tennis courts, and 1 skateboard park. The skateboard park is located with the tennis courts. This is a non-supervised park; safety equipment is recommended.

Ravine Lake Park

This is a photo of two people kyaking at Ravine LakeThis is a photo of Ravine Lake

Ravine Lake Park consists of 32 acres and is located at 800 Easy Street. This area was developed during the W.P.A. (Work Progress Association) days primarily as a recreational facility. The Parks and Recreation Department along with the National Guard, businesses, individuals, and all service clubs have worked together extensively in the development of this Park. The area has been developed with benches, a sand beach, handicap accessible fishing nodes, miniature-golf, and water-based concessions with paddle boats and inner tubes. There are two shelters with picnic tables that may be reserved for special events. The east shelter has electricity with a capacity of 300. The southwest shelter has electricity and a mini-kitchen with a capacity of 200. The gazebo on Ravine Lake Island can also be reserved for weddings and other special occasions; the gazebo has electricity with a capacity of 50. A paved walking trail surrounds the lake and is marked every quarter mile so people can keep track of the distance they have traveled. Approximate trail length is 4600 ft / .87 mile. For further information or to make reservations please call the Parks & Recreation Department at (605) 353-8533.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park consists of 5.7 acres and is located at 340 Riverview Avenue SE.  A concrete walking trail was placed along the top of the dike built to control flood waters from the James River. Approximate trail length is 2000 ft / .38 mile. Riverside Park was placed into a declined condition during the floods of years past. We as a department want to promote the park located in a floodplain by finding  uses for this area as drawn by our consultant that is the best option for the community. The trail still exists along the park yet all mature trees have succumbed to floodwaters. We have a plan that would promote a safe investment in this park as the priority of development does require some donated funds to get the area renovated. Currently, the park is promoted as fishing access to the James River and as a practice field for recreational soccer.We hope that more uses can be realized soon. A small donated shade shelter with benches is also located on this property. 

West Water Tower Park

The West Water Tower Park consists of 1.5 acres and is located at 588 Wyoming Avenue SW. This area is a neighborhood park and city owned. It contains 1 combination swing set, 1 metal slide, 1 merry-go-round and 2 picnic tables.

Winter Park

Winter Park consists of 3.83 acres as is located at 105 7th Street SE. This park contains four color coated concrete tennis courts, which are lighted for night play. Playground equipment was installed in 1990. A memory rose garden is now located on the north end of the park.

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