Huron Event Center

Huron Event Center


We are the heart of hospitality.

Compare it to similar venues in neighboring communities and you’ll soon realize that there is something very different about the Huron Event Center.
Unlike the others, it is not the product of a large outside corporation. It is a collaboration, the product of an entire community working together to turn a dream into a reality.
It is because of this you and your group can expect a level of hospitality that only a humble South Dakota community can provide.

This is our home. Make it yours.

Bridging together the Crossroads Hotel and Event Center with the Huron Arena and Exposition Center, the Huron Event Center connects these two facilities providing over 34,000 total square footage of meeting, banquet and exposition space, available under one roof.  
Whether you’re planning a large convention, reunion, trade show, tournament or exhibition, you’ll find the specific accommodations that you need at a price you can afford.

Have a look around.


At the Huron Event Center, you’ll have the tools you need to engage your audience. Each of the 15 meeting rooms is equipped with high-speed internet services and computerized audio and visual connectivity.


Treat your guests to an excellent dining experience right here in the Midwest. The Event Center features a large state-of-the-art kitchen designed to serve large numbers of people while achieving an unparalleled level of service. We serve only the highest quality foods.


Whether your group is large or small, there’s room in Huron. In fact, there are more than 400 quality guest rooms to choose from, and they’re all within minutes of the Huron Event Center.   Click here for a list of hotels and motels in Huron.  If you prefer camping, we have plenty of camping spots in Huron as well.  Click here for a camping venues. 


The Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau offers a variety of complimentary services including event planning, registration assistance, nametags, visitor packets, entertainment, speaker assistance and much more.  If you ever need any help planning an event, please give them a call at 1-800-HURONSD. 


If you’re ever stuck with a decision between cramming five adults into a compact car or driving two vehicles, remember this – there is plenty of parking available at the Event Center. There is a drive up access to both the Arena and the Event Center to make for easy loading and unloading materials.

Come and be our guest.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of our facility. We’re proud of it and certainly have enjoyed the opportunity to show it off.
Now you’ve seen first-hand that there are many reasons to choose the Huron Event Center to host your next event: state-of-the-art technology, incredible service and affordable pricing – and that is just the beginning. In fact, this is only a brief introduction of what we have to offer.
This is your chance to work with a group of people who are as dedicated to making your event as memorable as you dreamed it could be. After all, that’s the very reason we built such a beautiful facility in the first place.
This is more than an event center; this is our community, our family. This is our home.

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