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Welcome to Ringneck Nation! Some of the best pheasant hunting in the nation can be found here. You’ll find acres of prime hunting ground, pet-friendly hotels and plenty of elbow room. In Ringneck Nation the pheasants outnumber the people and the odds are in your favor. We are the heart of Ringneck Nation. We are Huron, South Dakota and we welcome you to hunt with us this season!

Each fall, Huron also hosts the Ringneck Festival and Bird Dog Challenge, a competitive team hunt and opportunity to test the skills of both hunters and dogs. To learn more or to view the rules and applications, click here. (link to Special Events-Ringneck Festival page)

To find guides, outfitters, gun shops, or taxidermists, please browse our Business Directory.

Learn about the Huron Ringneck Festival & Bird Dog Challenge

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