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Local student Owen Kerkvliet attends a Kids “State Dinner” at the White House

On July 9th, fifty-four children and their parent/guardian (one pair from each of the 50 states, plus some of the U.S. Territories, D.C., and Puerto Rico) attended a Kids' "State Dinner" at the White House, hosted by Mrs. Obama. Each child (and their parents) submitted a healthy recipe as part of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. A selection of the winning healthy recipes were served.

The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge invited families to create an original lunchtime recipe that is healthy, affordable and delicious, and follows the nutritional guidelines of MyPlate. The winners were chosen by a panel of judges from the organizations that teamed up with Mrs. Obama on this initiative; Epicurious, the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture.

The South Dakota winner was Huron Public School Student Owen Kerkvliet with a Hidden Veggie Lasagna. See all the recipies at the following web site, Owen’s is on page 97.


Pursuit of a Healthy Huron Challenge

Challenge Packet Calendar - September
Group Exercise
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Nordby Center Sunshine Fitness & Yoga

Pursuit of a Healthy Huron is a 3 month challenge designed for all Huron and surrounding community citizens to learn of the abundant opportunities in Huron to achieve optimal health.  Participants are able to earn points in the challenge through participating in a variety of existing community activities, all of which connect to at least one of the 7 Dimensions of holistic health (emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual). The official challenge begins on July 1st.   Rules apply and Prizes will be awarded.

Participants will earn “Healthy Huron Points” and incentives will be placed throughout the challenge to encourage participation.  Participants will keep track of their own “Healthy Huron Points” and submit the points on monthly basis.  The foundation of the Pursuit of a Healthy Huron Challenge is physical activity.  For each 15 minutes of exercise you will be awarded one “Healthy Huron Point”.  Bonus points will awarded for various activities thru out the challenge from each of the 7 Dimensions of holistic health.

To sign up for the challenge send an e-mail to and provide your name and e-mail address or complete the registration form and send it to: Carr Chiropractic Clinic, 2065 Campbell Drive, Huron, SD 57350

If you would like to add an activity to the challenge, email and submit your activity for consideration.

Any questions e-mail or call Betty Stahl at 352-5264.

All participants that register before the kickoff will be eligible to win $25 in Huron Bucks.

Before the challenge begins we encourage you to complete a Personal Wellness Assessment so you can establish goals to improve your multi-dimensional wellness and monitor your improvement.  You can find the assessment at the following web address and print it off. Pursuit of a Healthy Huron Wellness Assessment

Huron In Bloom

Huron in Bloom is a partnership with the Huron Wellness Committee. Their purpose is to help beautify the city’s park areas. Volunteers who wish to assist with projects should contact Huron in Bloom coordinator Melanie Harrington at 350-1287 or


Vitality Huron

Vision Statement: Huron is flooded with vitality, health and well-being – a role model for other communities 

Mission Statement: The Huron Wellness Committee: partnering to achieve health, unity, and well-being of self, family, and community 

Motto: Vitality Huron 

Core Values:  Holistic Health, Partnerships, Inclusion, Fun, Strength-based Approaches, Innovative Best Practices 

Desired Outcomes:
  • A holistically healthy lifestyle is actively pursued by a greater number of Huron community members.
  • Huron residents access and use resources that promote well-being. 
  • Huron is home to a safe and attractive environment that enhances the individual's sense of well-being and encourages outdoor activity. 
  • The pursuit of holistic health unifies organizations and entities in Huron. 
  • Knowledge of and access to healthy options is more abundant throughout the community of Huron. 
2012-2015 Strategic Plan


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