Healthy Selfie Photo Contest

How do you stay healthy? Healthy Huron is hosting a Healthy Selfie photo contest on Facebook to find out how Huron area residents get and stay healthy! To enter, send us a photo of yourself doing something that improves your health and wellness. It doesn't have to be a sweaty gym selfie photo and it doesn't have to include your face - it's up to you! Photos can be posted to the Healthy Huron Facebook page or emailed to heathyhuron@gmail.com


Positive (+6) Six Campaign


Starting in May, the Positive (+6) Six Campaign challenges us to make one small change a month, from May to October, to enhance our well-being.  Making small changes each month can enhance our well-being; whether it is incorporating a new habit, focusing on better sleep, trying something new, or simply taking time to breathe, little things can make a big difference!

Learn more by visiting http://positive6.org/ or their facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1410862805849159/

Huron In Bloom

Huron in Bloom is a partnership with the Huron Wellness Committee. Their purpose is to help beautify the city’s park areas. Volunteers who wish to assist with projects should contact Huron in Bloom coordinator Melanie Harrington at 350-1287 or huroninbloom@midco.net


Vitality Huron

Vision Statement: Huron is flooded with vitality, health and well-being – a role model for other communities 

Mission Statement: The Huron Wellness Committee: partnering to achieve health, unity, and well-being of self, family, and community 

Motto: Vitality Huron 

Core Values:  Holistic Health, Partnerships, Inclusion, Fun, Strength-based Approaches, Innovative Best Practices 

Desired Outcomes:
  • A holistically healthy lifestyle is actively pursued by a greater number of Huron community members.
  • Huron residents access and use resources that promote well-being. 
  • Huron is home to a safe and attractive environment that enhances the individual's sense of well-being and encourages outdoor activity. 
  • The pursuit of holistic health unifies organizations and entities in Huron. 
  • Knowledge of and access to healthy options is more abundant throughout the community of Huron. 
2012-2015 Strategic Plan


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