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History of the Library


At a meeting on March 8, 1883, the WCTU and the YWCA donated $38.00 to establish a reading room over Cash & Busby's Store.

In 1907, the public voted to establish a City Library, funded by the City of Huron. The issue passed by a very slim margin—368 votes in favor and 366 votes against. The Library was established thanks to 2 votes!

In 1908, the City Commission accepted the Andrew Carnegie offer of $10,000 to build a Free Library Building for the City of Huron. This building opened to the public September 3, 1909, and served the city for 56 years. In the fall of 1965, the building was razed and the present structure erected on the same site.

On September 18, 1966, the new library building was dedicated. Funded by the City of Huron and a Federal LSCA Grant, the structure was built by the Art Pugsley Construction Company of Huron. This facility continues to provide library services for the Huron residents.

On July 10, 2008, the library held a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off a building expansion project. Construction was completed in May 2009 and a dedication ceremony was held on August 20, 2009.

History Tree

Colleen Smith, former library director, and husband, Graham standing by the burr oak tree dedicated in honor of her 31 years of service to the City and Huron Public Library (June 9, 2010)


Did You Know?

Did you know the Huron Public Library began in 1883 as a reading room? 

It was located over the Cash and Busby’s Store (on 3rd St. West near the corner of Wisconsin). The WCTU and the YWCA donated $38.00 to form the library. It was financed by subscriptions and other money-making endeavors.

Did you know the decision to establish a City Library, funded by the City of Huron, passed by a SLIM margin in 1907?

The library issue received 368 votes favorable and 366 votes against establishing a Public Library, financed by the City of Huron – a win by only 2 votes!

Did you know the Huron Public Library has a "Friends of the Library" organization?

It began in 1964. The "Friends" support library activities and services.

Did you know the Friends of the Library (with the help of volunteers and Sertoma members) sponsors a used book sale room?

Donations of used books, magazines, puzzles, games, videos, tapes, etc. are accepted for the used book sale.

Did you know the Huron Public Library holds a pre-school Story Time each Fall and each Spring, ages 3 – 5?

For more information and times call the Library, 353-8530.

Did you know we hold a Summer Reading Program each summer?

The theme for the 2015 Summer Reading Program will be announced in the Spring.

Did you know a Color Photocopier is available?

Black/white and color copies are 15 cents. The Color Photocopier was purchased by the Friends of the Library.

Did you know IRS tax forms are available at the Huron Public Library?

We have personal and business IRS tax forms available during income tax season and all year long.

Did you know we offer over 78,000 items for public use at the Library?

The library has 60,000 hardcover books, 10,000 paperback books, 1,000 Spanish language books, 3,800 audio books, 3,700 videos & DVDs, 125+ magazine subscriptions, and 12 newspaper subscriptions.

Did you know we have a computerized card catalog and can view other South Dakota libraries catalogs?

Computerized library services have been available at the Huron Public Library since 1994.

Did you know we have several full-text magazine, journal, and reference databases available on our website?

These full-text databases are available, 24/7, to Huron Public Library card holders from their homes or offices or at the library.

Did you know you may borrow books on a wide variety of subjects?

Car Repair – Travel guides – Antiques – Cookbooks – Home decorating – Gardening – Sewing – Quilting – Health Care – Animal Care – Child Care – and MORE! Check them out at the Huron Public Library.

Did you know you can borrow e-books & e-magazines?

The library has two e-book collections Axis360 and South Dakota Titles to Go. Zinio for Libraries has e-magazines.

Did you know you can borrow large print books?

A large collection of Fiction and Non-Fiction Large Print Books is available for loan.

Did you know you can borrow audio books?

Over 3800 audio books are available for loan. Listen to a good book while traveling – "the miles fly by much faster while listening to an exciting story!" "Forget the drudgery of ironing when listening to a good book while you iron."

Did you know you may reserve time to use a computer at the Huron Public Library?

The library has computers for scheduled use. The computers may be used for Internet access. The computers also have several Microsoft Office programs available for public use. To schedule computer use time, call the library at 353-8530. Free wi-fi is also available.

Did you know you may view a Frederick Remington sculpture on-site?

Dr. Landreth donated the sculpture, "Coming through the Rye," to the Library.

Did you know the Huron Public Library has a large South Dakota Collection?

This collection includes over 3,700 books and materials about South Dakota or written by authors from South Dakota.

Did you know you may read a microfilm copy of an 1881 Huron newspaper?

The Library has over 450 reels of microfilm containing Huron newspapers from 1881 to the present.

Did you know there have been at least 11 newspapers for the Huron area since 1881?
Daily Huronite 1886 – 1945
Daily Plainsman 1945 – present
Dakota Daily Leader 1883
Dakota Huronite 1884 – 1909
Huron Tribune 1881
Huron Weekly World 1903 – 1906
Journal World 1903 – 1908
Journal World Spirit 1908
Weekly State Spirit 1909 – 1918
Did you know you may read South Dakota Census microfilm at the Huron Public Library?

The Library has Census microfilm available from 1860, 1870, 1880, 1885, 1900, 1910, and 1920. The 1930 Census information is available from the website database, Ancestry Library Edition. This database is accessible at the Huron Public Library.

Did you know you may borrow a book from another library through INTERLIBRARY LOAN at the Huron Public Library?

If the Huron Public Library does not own the book you need, you may borrow the book through Interlibrary Loan.

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