Huron Manufacturing

South Dakota celebrates Manufacturing Week each fall. 

Huron is joinsthe Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) in celebrating the annual South Dakota Manufacturing Week.  Across South Dakota, manufacturers play a vital role in our state’s overall economic health. The products our manufacturers produce are as diverse as the companies themselves. From food to fuel, cabinets to custom fabrication, bio-adhesives and beyond, South Dakota manufacturers produce an astounding array of products.   

Manufacturing Facts:
  • Manufacturing is 20% of Huron’s workforce.
  • Manufacturing is #2 of the top 11 major industries in Huron.
  • 34 businesses in Huron are classified as manufacturers.
  • Huron manufacturer’s employ more than 1,700 people 
  • Manufacturing is 10% of the state’s workforce with 42,389 jobs.
  • Manufacturing’s average wage is $44,503.
  • Manufacturing’s annual payroll in South Dakota is $1.9 billion. 
    Source: South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, Labor Market Information Center
Huron's Manufacturers 

SD Manufacturing Week is a great opportunity for Huron to showcase our manufacturing industry and the impact it has on the local, state and global economy.  

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