The city of Huron lies within Beadle County, and maintains a city population of approximately 13,163 residents, while Beadle County's population is estimated to be 18,372 according to the US Census Bureau estimates for 2015.  Based on the recent Housing Needs Assessment, conducted by Prior & Associates on behalf of the City of Huron, the GHDC and the Huron Housing and Redevelopment Authority, the most recent employment growth rate is estimated to be approximately 3.2% annually, since 2006.

While the growth of a community is always a positive sign, it has also created a unique challenge in that our unemployment rate remains on average around 2.5-3.5%. In response to this challenge, the Greater Huron Development Corporation (GHDC) has brought together representatives from all sectors of the economy under one umbrella to address workforce development. The resulting coalition is called the “Huron Workforce Development Council” (HWDC). Members include:

  • Mark Smokey Heuston – HR Director, Dakota Provisions
  • Mike Radke – Assistant Principal, Huron School District
  • Barry Cranston, Exec. VP, Greater Huron Development Corporation
  • David McGirr – AgSense, Inc. & former Huron Mayor
  • Eric Christensen – CFO, Trussbilt, Huron
  • Ned Keeler – Manager, James River Equipment, Huron
  • Kristin Kline – HR Director, Center for Independence
  • Oscar Luque – Asst. HR Director, Dakota Provisions, Huron
  • Kim Olson – Executive Director, Cornerstones Career Learning Center, Huron
  • Rick Rozell – Manager, Butler Machinery, Huron
  • Robin Wallum – Manager, Huron One Stop Career Center
  • Daniel Webster – CEO/GM, Dakota Energy Cooperative
  • Andrea Del Grasso, Executive Director, Huron Housing & Redevelopment Authority

The stated goal for this council is to create initiatives and strategies designed to affect positive, long-term changes to the ongoing workforce shortages. In order to address the existing needs the Council determined a course of action that resulted from over one hundred different interviews with people across the community including those as individuals, those from industry, those from the medical sector and many more. The Council targeted six strategies with the idea of integrating them into a three-year plan. They include Diversity Engagement, Upward Mobility, New Resident Networking, Alumni Retention/Recruiting, and adding a Rental Housing Locator. These strategies became the framework for a 2015 Community Matching Incentive Grant to develop the Huron area workforce. Upon receiving this grant, the HWDC hired Brooke Sydow as the new Workforce Development Coordinator to help implement these Initiatives. Over the course of the grant, Sydow will partner with the HWDC, GHDC, local businesses and area service providers to deliver changes that will begin to create additional opportunities for those in our labor pool who are seeking employment, or who are looking to improve their current lifestyle.

The City of Huron acts as the county seat and the hub of a small, regional economy in the central part of the state, and is supported by commerce generated within Beadle County and parts of Hand, Spink, Jerauld, Sanborn, Kingsbury, and Clark Counties. The primary industries supporting the area tend to be agricultural, manufacturing, government, education, healthcare and retail in nature. The highest densities of employment are typically in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare or government sectors of the economy.  The chart below provides information on the community's largest employers.

Dakota Provisions 978 Food Processing Plant
Huron Public Schools 371 Education
Huron Regional Medical Center 296 Hospital
United States Government 290 Government
Center for Independence
Human Services
Terex, Incorporated 191 Manufacturing
SunQuest Health Care 175 Senior Care/Human Services
Wal-Mart 173 Retail
Banner Engineering 150 Sensor Manufacturing
City of Huron 140
State Government 125 Government
Genosee & Wyoming Railroad 125 Railroad Transportation
Premier Bank Card 120 Credit Card Processing Center
Northwestern Energy 112 Utilities
Coborn's Super Center 110 Groceries
Horizontal Machining & Manufacturing 100 Manufacturing
Our Home, Incorporated 82 Human Services
Trussbilt, Incorporated 75 Manufacturing, Prison Doors
Violet Tschetter Memorial Home 75
Senior Care/Human Services
Overbuilt, Inc. 55 Manufacturing
    Last Updated 4/16/2016

For further information regarding Workforce Development in the Huron area contact:

Brooke C. Sydow EdD
Workforce Development Coordinator
Office: 605-352-0363
Cell: 605-461-8364