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Municipal Code

The City of Huron’s Municipal Code is a compilation of the applicable city ordinances (rules, regulations, or standards of a municipality) which sets forth Huron's laws. The City’s Finance Office forwards adopted ordinances to Municode, the code publisher, on a semi-annual basis. The publisher will then add, delete, or change the code sections as prescribed by the ordinances.  Ordinances are published in book form, are available for review and copying at the city Finance Office, the Huron Public Library and on the City’s website.

Disclaimer: Ordinances pending codification are provided for informational purposes only. The formatting may vary from the official hard copy. In the case of any discrepancy between the ordinance and the official hard copy, the official hard copy will prevail.

Ordinances Pending Codification:

2200-30-235: Supplemental Appropriation 2018
2201-21-77: Sump Pump Discharge
2202-18-75: Permit Required - Sump Pumps
2203-23-399: Rezone of Vantage Business Park
2204-23-400: Joint Jurisdictional Area - Conditional Uses
2205-30-236: Annual Appropriation 2020
2206-21-78 Wastewater Regulations
2207-30-237: Supplemental Appropriation 2019
2208-23-401: Sign Code
2209-23-402: Accessory Buildings and Structures


Codified Ordinances

Codified Ordinances

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