Teen Scene for 6th-12th Grade Youth

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 July & August

Book Club Opportunities: 
Otaku (Manga); Wednesday, August 5, 4:00 pm, Noragami Stray God v. 2 -- A run-in with Yato the stray god has turned Hiyori Iki, an ordinary, pro-wrestling-loving middle school girl, into an existence that is neither human nor ayakashi! It’s up to Yato’s “divine intervention” to turn Hiyori back to normal, but can Hiyori rely on the spontaneous and wayward Yato to do his job properly? What’s more, the almighty warrior god Bishamonten has sworn revenge on Yato?!
Overbooked; Wednesday, August 12, 3:45 pm, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

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