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Library Policies

Huron Public Library Policy Handbook



How to Get a Library Card

Because the funding for the Huron Public Library is provided by the Huron City Government, residents of Huron are entitled to become a registered borrower of the Huron Public Library.

Residency will be determined by current driver's license and/or other ID. People living outside of the Huron City Limits may apply for the appropriate type of card as listed below.

Types of library cards

  1. Resident: People owning or renting property within the city limits of Huron may apply for a Huron Resident Library Card. There is no fee for this type of card.
  2. Non-residents of Huron (Rural residents of Beadle County and residents living outside of Beadle County): People owning/renting property in Beadle County that is not inside the Huron City Limits or owning/ renting property outside of Beadle County may purchase an annual Non-Resident Family card for $20/year/family. NOTE: On January 01, 2010, Beadle County Commission discontinued funding Beadle County Family cards. County residents may purchase an annual Non-Resident Family card for $20/year/family.
  3. Schools outside the Huron City Limits: Schools may apply for a school card, $20/school year. With this card, 25 items may be borrowed at one time.
  4. Home Schoolers: have the same privileges as a school card. Those within the Huron City Limits are issued their card for free. Those outside of the Huron City Limits will pay the School Card fee. They may check out a limit of 50 items to their card at one time for a seven week check out period. The Library requires Home Schooler's to present a copy of their "application for Public School Exemption" annually. [Parents/guardians who currently provide alternative instruction pursuant to SDCL 13-27-3 are required to file an Application for Public School Exemption Certificate annually.
  5. College Students: who still list a Huron residence as a permanent residence may apply for a library card. Proof of class registration and/or tuition receipt must be presented, along with proof of permanent Huron residence. College Student cards are valid for 4 years.
  6. eCards: eCards are available to patrons who do not qualify for a full library card. An eCard will allow you to reserve and use internet computers and access electronic databases. To have the ability to check-out eBooks, the patron must pay $20 per year. A current photo ID such as a drivers' license or state ID card is all that is required to get an eCard. Anyone wishing to use computers must have either an eCard or a full-privileged library card. Computers for the library catalog will continue to be made available without a library card.