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HUF Scholarships

Huron University Foundation Scholarships

All scholarships have the following criteria

  1. A student must meet the following criteria
    • Be a part-time or full-time student taking accredited classes on the Huron Community Campus site.
  2. Each applicant must show evidence of academic ability and promise. Such evidence should include if available, but not necessarily be limited to
    • an overall secondary school grade point average
    • an ACT score
    • demonstration of leadership in one or more non-academic activities while in secondary school or in the community or in the workplace.
  3. Each applicant should show a need for scholarship funding (Student Aid Report)
  4. Consideration in the over-all scoring will be given to applicants with a family relationship to Huron College or its successor entities.

Each application must include

  • A completed & signed application form
  • A copy of ONE of the following: your current class registration, your Student Aid Report or your letter of acceptance.


Download Application [PDF]

Return Application and Supporting Documents to

Huron University Foundation
Huron Community Campus
939 Ohio Avenue SW
Huron SD 57350

Selection will be made by the Scholarship Committee of the Huron University Foundation. Payment of the entire scholarship amount will be made directly to the accredited institution in the name of the scholarship recipient. This scholarship is for an academic year with ½ of the award for the fall term and ½ of the award for the spring term.

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