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Currently we offer classes at the Huron Community Campus (HCC) through Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell Technical Institute, Northern State University, and Presentation College.  Students desiring financial assistance to pay for their educational costs should begin the process by contacting Steve Ochsner, Huron Community Campus Executive Director. Email or call (605) 353-8518.

There are a variety of programs to assist students with their educational expenses. Among them are:

  • Federal financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students desiring assistance completing the FAFSA should contact the HCC Executive Director.  The FAFSA is available online. The school codes for HCC partners:
    • Dakota Wesleyan University (003461)
    • Mitchell Technical Institute (008284)
    • Northern State University (003466)
    • Presentation College (003467)
  • The South Dakota Department of Labor has assistance available to qualified applicants enrolled in approved programs who are unemployed or underemployed. Please contact the Huron office of the South Dakota Department of Labor (605) 353-7155 or the Huron Community Campus (605) 353-8518 or email.
  • The Huron University Foundation provides generous half-tuition scholarship awards up to a maximum dollar amount determined each year for students with need. All HCC students should apply for this scholarship.  For more information go to their website.
  • Each partner of the HCC has additional financial aid available to its degree-seeking students. For more information, visit the financial aid websites of our partners. The financial aid websites can be found at the following locations:
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