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Fire Department

The Huron Fire Department has 9 full-time fire fighters, up to 36 paid volunteer fire fighters, and has an ISO rating of 5. If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer fire fighter for the City of Huron please contact us.

The City of Huron has two fire stations. The North station, located at 1357 Dakota Ave N, houses 4 fire trucks, and 1 ambulance owned and operated by the Huron Ambulance Association.

The South station, located at 310 21st Street SW, houses 2 fire trucks, and 2 ambulances owned and operated by the Huron Ambulance Association.


Fire Chief

John Coughlin
Huron Fire Department
1357 Dakota Ave N }| PO Box 1369
Phone: (605) 353-8520
Fax: (605) 353-8506

Responsible for saving lives and property in the city through prevention, inspection, and rescue practices.

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