Engineering & Traffic

Engineering & Traffic

The city's Engineering Office is responsible for planning, designing & directing projects such as roads, bridges, storm sewer, water and sanitary sewer. The Traffic Division is responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the city’s traffic signal system, traffic control signs, and all pavement markings.

Contact the City's Traffic Division to
  • Report a missing or damaged sign or traffic light.
  • Report a dangerous intersection.
  • Report pedestrian hazards or other traffic hazards.
  • To report a burned-out street light please contact the Traffic Department at 353-8546. There is yellow tag on the pole with a number listed, if possible, please provide them with this number.
Engineering Design Standards For Public Improvements
General Conditions 2019 General Conditions prior to 3/20/19  
Section 100 Sanitary Sewer Chapter 4 Utility Locations/City Utility Easements
Chapter 10 Water Mains
Section 200 Storm Sewer Chapter 5 Street Access/Parking Lot Critera
Chapter 11 Drainage Improvements
Section 300 Water Main Chapter 6 Geotechnical Exploration/Report
Chapter 12 Erosion/Sediment Control
Chapter 1 General Provisions Chapter 7 Grading
Chapter 13 Plan Submittals
Chapter 2 Submittal Procedures Chapter 8 Street Design/Pavement Thickness
Chapter 14 Acceptance Procedures for Private Work
Chapter 3 Permit Procedures/Requirements Chapter 9 Sanitary Sewer Chapter 15 Street Lighting



Engineering Office

239 Wisconsin Ave SW | PO Box 1369
Phone: (605) 353-8510
Fax: (605) 353-8511

Brett Runge, City Engineer
Cell: (605) 530-9607

Dennis Bennett, Assistant Engineer



 2022 Project Map             

Water-Sewer 5 Year Plan             


Traffic Division

Troy Merriam, Traffic Control Supervisor
252 Union Ave | PO Box 1369
Phone: (605) 353-8546
Fax: (605) 353-8506

Traffic Count for Huron


Traffic Count State Highways


Traffic Count Beadle County



Storm Water

Construction Permit




Management Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my street or alley paved?
Many neighborhoods have decided that they would like to have a paved street. The City does not pay for the improvements; however, it will provide many of the services needed to reduce the costs to adjacent landowners. The neighborhood must circulate a petition to adjacent landowners to find out who is interested in paying for the improvements. The petition must contain consent from property owners' with 50% or more of the property abutting a street, or the owners of 75% of the property abutting an alley before submitting the petition. If more than one block is requested the petition needs 50% of the TOTAL front footage. The petition shall be turned into the Finance Officer when completed. The City Engineering Department will survey, design and bid the project. The landowners are responsible for the payment. Payment can be made with one lump sum payment or amortized over 10 years. For residential areas, the payment is approximately $60/front ft. The City Standards for residential are 6-8" gravel, and 3" asphalt (greater thickness for commercial or industrial areas).
How do I get settled Curb adjacent to my property repaired?
The City budgets for Curb and Gutter replacement annually. The landowners may call the City Engineer's office to have their curb put on the replacement list. The City Engineer will inspect the site and determine whether replacement is necessary. All sites are prioritized and the amount replaced is determined by budget. If tree roots cause the curb and gutter to lift, the landowner must remove the tree prior to curb replacement.
What can I do about my neighbor's drainage coming onto my property?
There is not an ordinance that directly deals with a property owner's rights in this situation. It is recommended that the property owner's try to work out a mutually beneficial solution between them. Normally a drainage swail can be created on the property between the homes to direct the drainage to the street or backyard and away from structures. If a solution cannot be worked out to the satisfaction of the property owners, and one property owner feels that they are being damaged by the other property owner, it is a civil matter, which may require appropriate legal counsel to resolve the matter.
Who is responsible for Street Lights, Traffic Signals, and Traffic Signs?
The Mayor determines when and where street lights are installed. Additional street lights can be requested by calling 353-8515 or email Traffic signals and traffic signs are installed and maintained by the traffic department. If you notice that a street light is out or a traffic sign is down, please call 353-8546 with the location, and the necessary repair will be made as soon as possible.
Who is responsible for the sidewalk in front of my house?
The property owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of sidewalks, by State Law. Any property owner, who fails to maintain their sidewalk in a safe condition is considered negligent in their duties as a property owner, and is liable for injuries which may occur due to it's lack of maintenance. It is further required that property owners or renters of property within the City of Huron, shovel the snow from their sidewalk to allow for pedestrian passage.
Who is responsible for the Water and Sewer Service Lines leading to my home?
The property owner is responsible for all piping and appurtenances, which are not part of the water or sewer main. Problems such as water leaks, broken or inoperable water shut-off, blockages or freezing which occur in the service lines, are the responsibility of the property owner or tenant.
Who will locate my property lines?
There are local Engineering Firms that provide surveying services for private landowners. A list of licensed land surveyors is listed in the Yellow Pages under Surveyors-Land.

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