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Wrapping Paper & Bows ARE NOT Recyclable

Please remember that gift wrapping paper and bows ARE NOT recyclable so please DO NOT place these items in your recycle bin, they need to go into the brown garbage bin. If you have questions about what may or may not be placed on your recycle bin please call the Solid Waste Department at 353-8502 or email

Snow Removal Procedures

A "Snow Removal Alert" means that an authorized city official has declared that snow removal operations will begin on public streets. Usually a Snow Alert is issued once we have received 2" or more of snow; however, alerts are also based on weather conditions such as wind and ice, as well as the amount of additional snow forecasted, and city crews may begin removing snow from emergency routes before the alert is issued. The local news media will announce when a Snow Removal Alert has been declared.

Electronic Alerts: Click on “!E-Alerts Signup” a the top of this website to sign up to receive alerts via text message or email.

Snow Removal Updates: Phone: (605) 353-8501 press option zero to hear the latest snow removal updates.

Established Priorities

  1. The city' first priority is to remove snow from the Core area of the city and Snow Emergency Routes.  Before parking in these areas be especially aware of weather conditions, you may not want to park if snow is predicted. NO PARKING in the "Core Area" from midnight to 8AM. The "Core Area" consisting of streets in the downtown area. After the Core Area is cleared of snow, the other city streets will be cleared.
  2. The city's second priority is to remove snow from residential streets not in the core area or on snow emergency routes. 
    • No parking will be allowed from midnight to midnight on North-South streets or courts entering off of a North-South streets on odd numbered calendar days.
    • No parking will be allowed from midnight to midnight on East-West streets and courts entering off of an East-West streets on even numbered calendar days.
    • No parking is allowed during a snow alert until snow is cleared from curb to curb on that particular street.
    • Ticketing will be enforced.
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December 29, 2014



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