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Canvas Covered Buildings not Allowed

We have noticed an increase in canvas covered accessory buildings in the City of Huron and have asked several homeowners to remove them.  This is notice that they are not allowed by city ordinance: 

23.10.024 - Accessory buildings and structures.  
(9) Plastic, canvas or corrugated metal sheeting (agricultural metal siding/roofing) is not permitted for carport accessory buildings. &
(10) Plastic or metal framing is not permitted for carport accessory   buildings.  

23.08.010 - Accessory use or structure. 
"Accessory use or structure" means a nonresidential use or structure subordinate to, and serving, the principal use or structure on the same lot and customarily incidental thereto.

Bid Specifications NOW Online

Specifications for city bids are now available online in addition to obtaining them from the City Engineer's office. Contractors must complete a short registration process to access the downloadable specifications. Click Here to access current bid specs.

Compost Available

The Solid Waste Department has compost ready for residents. The compost will be free due to there being residual chemicals found in the testing. The residual chemicals are 2-4D and Dicamba which can cause damage to broadleaf plants. Residents will be required to sign a waiver. If the resident wants the department to load the compost for them, there will be a $15 loading charge.

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