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Golf Course Maintenance

Rick Button, Superintendent
Phone: (605) 353-8528
Fax: (605) 353-8506

Golf Professional

Jim Bigelow
Phone: (605) 353-8525
Fax: (605) 353-8506

Municipal golf courses are operated by the City of Huron through a Golf Course Commission which is appointed by the Mayor. Current Members are:

  • Tim Sletten, President
  • Rick Sabers, Vice President
  • Perry Danforth
  • Terry Rotert
  • Lisa Boomsma
  • Bryan Smith, Commission Liaison

Meeting Dates/Times

  • November – March
    2nd Tuesday - 6:45am
    City Hall Conference Room, 239 Wisconsin SW
  • April – October
    2nd Tuesday 6:45am
    Golf Pro Shop, 118 22nd St NW

Broadland Creek National Golf Course
118 22nd St NW | PO Box 1369
Phone: (605) 353-8525
More Information

Memorial Golf Course
50 Jersey Ave NE | PO Box 1369
Phone: (605) 353-8527
More Information

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