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Member to Member Discounts

Great Way to Increase Sales!

The Member to Member Discount Program allows your business to manage discounts, promotions and special offers to other Chamber Members. If you want to reach new customers and stimulate sales, simply activate a Member to Member Discount offer today!

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Here Is How it Works...

    Front of Gold Card
  • Discounts and special offers are designed to be value-added benefits of membership and are to be offered only to Chamber members.
  • There is no charge to offer a Member-to-Member Discount.
  • Only Chamber members in good standing are eligible to list discounts and special offers.
  • The product or service being proposed must provide a cost savings or added value to the Chamber’s members that would not otherwise be available to other businesses on an individual basis or in the general marketplace.
  • All discount and special offers will be reviewed and approved by Chamber staff before being launched and made available to the Chamber membership.
  • Discounts and special offers will be promoted by the Chamber on its website, broadcast email and social network platforms and may periodically be included in the Chamber’s newsletter. In addition, the list of offerings will be shared with current, new and prospective Chamber members.
  • Discount descriptions should be no more than 50 words and must offer some type of reduced cost on a product, service or a special offer exclusive to Chamber members.
  • The discount is continuous unless you deactivate by calling or emailing the Chamber office to discontinue or are not in good standing.

Gold Card…

    Front of Gold Card
  • Chamber members and their employees will receive a Gold Card which they can present to any participating business to receive the discount.
  • We ask that members carry the card and present it in advance when asking for a discount. Only the members on the list (available online) offer a discount.
  • We also encourage users of the card to thank the business for offering a member discount and for being a Chamber Member.

To participate or order your Gold Cards, please email or call 605-352-0000.

Click here to view details about Chamber Member businesses offering Member to Member Discounts!

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