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Why join the Chamber & Visitors Bureau?

Chamber MixerThe Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau has proven itself to be the most active and effective volunteer, non-profit organization committed to helping the Huron community and its businesses. You, as a business, as a professional person, or as an individual, have a stake in this area and you can best safeguard your interests by working with others through the Chamber & Visitors Bureau. The Chamber promotes an environment that can maximize your business potential and profitability.

At the Chamber & Visitors Bureau we don't just talk about the future, we develop programs to shape it and we believe you want to help shape it and we believe you want to help shape Huron and the region's future also. That's why we need you and you need us.

A professional staff and a host of volunteers will work with you to see our community's dreams turn into reality. We invite and challenge you to join in developing our community. Let's work together to make it the best it can be!

Investing in your Chamber & Visitors Bureau is a "Partnership Investment That Works" for your business and your community.

Whether you are a prospective, new or current member of our Chamber, we invite you to learn why Chamber membership doesn't cost - it pays! Take advantage of the incredible benefits of membership, and get involved in improving our community's quality of life.

Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau

2013 Strategic Statements & Goals

Business & Tourism: To be a premier destination for conferences, business and sporting events.                                                                              

Goal: We will research and leverage resources to promote and recruit events.

2012 Goals still in motion

    Continue to work in partnership with the Business Improvement District Board to increase visitor traffic and
    overnight hotel stays by enhancing existing efforts, implementing new marketing strategies and the creation of new events.
    Continue to work in partnership with the SD State Fair and the SD Chapter of Red Power in preparation of the 2014 National Red Power Round-up to ensure a memorable and successful show.
    Continue to work in partnership with the SD State Fair and the event organizers of the Wally Byam Caravan Club in preparation of the 2013 Wally Byam International Airstream Rally to ensure a memorable and successful show.
    Continue to work with Hunt Action Team on branding of Huron Ringneck Nation and implementation of the marketing plan to include print ads, email and social marketing.
    Continue to work with the City of Huron, the Business Improvement District and the Central Park Marketing
    Committee on the implementation of the Splash Central Waterpark marketing plan
    to promote the amenities of the park to regional visitors.

Leadership: The business leaders for integration in South Dakota.

Goal: We will identify and foster leaders from different demographics and encourage integration into community programs.                                                          

    Work in partnership with Lutheran Social Services Refugee & Immigration on establishing an annual “Taste of
    Cultures” event to educate, create awareness and celebrate the diversity of our community.
    Identify and invite individuals to attend meetings and events to encourage and foster further participation.
    Develop an honorary seat for a High School Student on the Chamber Board of Directors.

Membership: Recognized as the best investment a Huron business can make.            

Goal: We will develop a simple and consistent presentation to communicate our benefits
to members and non members.  

        Establish a Chamber Orientation Program to promote networking, visibility and inform members of the benefits    and services offered by the Chamber.
    Start capturing testimonials from Chamber members about the benefits to use in Prairie Tracks,
    Chamber Orientation Program, Facebook, etc.

Programs & Events: To be engaging, educational and profitable.

Goal: We will focus on our successes while indentifying new partners to take ownership of events not within our scope.   

       Develop a calendar of all events and programs
    Develop a format to measure the above based on:
    Review financial impact and staff/volunteer time
    Are they engaging, educational and profitable?
    Do they fall within our mission
    Prioritize and determine direction based on results


Administration: A Respected, enthusiastic professional team promoting positive community development.                       

Goal: We will develop a community-wide signature campaign to influence a positive and powerful image.                                                                                                                           

Governmental Affairs: Recognized by local and state leaders as the influential voice for business and industry.


Chamber investment Benefits

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